Exhibitor's Table

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                                                                                   Hutch by Storehouse | Chairs by Stoneville

In a non-descript shopping center in Raleigh, North Carolina, there was a quaint Chinese restaurant whose dining room was dotted with picturesque wooden tables painted with floral motifs.  My wife reported this to me upon  her return from a customer meeting she had at the restaurant.  The painting, I understood, was rich and colorful.  She asked me to join her for a gander on a Saturday afternoon so that I too could enjoy the splendor.  When we got to the restaurant, they were not yet open. We peeked in the window and  I was astonished to see that the tables were fairly pedestrian in quality and it seemed this was the reason for the elaborate floral motifs. I nodded in confirmation that the tables were indeed beautiful and I well remember  the ensuing challenge
having  heard it many  times before.   Now committed to making a  floral
inspired dining  table, I set out discovering what it was about the table in the restaurant that seemed so appealing. The table was really just a container for a painting, in the same way that a movie screen exists for the display of film. The design concept was based on a structured framework for the display of  art; a poster case if you will.  The backdrop is a built-up maple veneered slab upon which lay centered an abstract print. The print is encapsulated in glass and a polished aluminum frame. The foundation is composed of maple and other veneered components highlighted by solid turned and quartered maple bookends  which are inlaid  with  polished aluminum and  stainless steel  socket cap screws.